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Bar & Brand Consulting

Bartenders consists of a creative team of professional bartenders, mixologists and bar managers. Being passionate about our profession and having great experience in it we specialize in providing consulting services in the area of beverage marketing as well as in the hospitality and entertainment industry. We have worked with a great number of the existing alcohol and beverage brands in the market as well as established restaurants, bars, hotels and entertainment venues.


A. Hospitality Consultancy

Bar consulting services include the proposal, design and implementation of a plan by Bartenders in order to organize and manage a bar. At the same time we provide training in theory and practice for your bar staff in Bartenders International School of Bartending®. Our services are designed for bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, hotel groups, entertainment venues. Our target is to ensure greater efficiency of your bar’s operation, better response times, increase of customer base and profit for the business.

B. Bar Menu Creation or Improvement

Whether your requirements are for an entire range of alcoholic beverages or a custom cocktail menu, which may include classic or new recipes, we design the menu according to your target group. In addition to the menu we supply a full list of materials, equipment and ingredients which we recommend. Finally, we make the full presentation of the menu to your staff and identify any extra training needs.

C. Other Consulting Services

  • Market research for bar equipment
  • Bar management
  • Cocktail staff training (cocktail making, customer service, sales)
  • Bar manual
  • Tasting panel (tasting of new recipes in your premises)


A. Signature Cocktails

We create signature cocktails for every customer’s profile and demands. The cocktail recipes we propose respond to your brand’s needs, promote its taste characteristics and can effectively drive its sales. Being up-to-date with trends in the area of bartending is a great competitive advantage that is why Bartenders are always informed and trained to propose what’s hot and what’s not!

B. Beverage Marketing

We offer our customers new and effective ways for the presentation and promotion of new or existing alcohol and beverage products such as alcohol brands, beverages, juices, syrups and other ingredients. Using our years of experience and know-how we create innovative cocktail recipes according to the differentiating and dynamic characteristics of our customers’ brands.

C. Other Consulting Services

  • Tasting panels
  • Spirit Masterclasses
  • Product demonstrations
  • Presentations for exhibitions
  • Public relations events
  • Cocktail & drinks styling for photography/video studios productions

“We ensure that your alcohol and beverage provision is both efficient and profitable”


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