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Premium Cocktail Catering

Where Quality Meets Perfection

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Premium Cocktail Catering

Luxury Events

When Quality Meets Perfection!
Complete range of Cocktail Catering & Bar Services.

International Events

Bar Management

Personal events or Social Events
Business events / Themed parties

Behind BARS | International school of bartending

Mixology Master Class

Two branches

Designed following the standards of the bartending schools of New York

Perfect serve - Fine Drink service

Advanced teams

Bartenders International School of Bartending provides training and specialization courses

Bar & Brand Consulting

Providing consulting services in the area of beverage marketing

Portable Bar Furniture

Bar Rentals

Professional Mobile


Professional Portable Luxury Bar


Recruitment & Staffing Agency

Recruitment & Staffing Agency in Hospitality Industry (Coming Soon)

Agencies & Bartending – HR services by BartendersGR

 ♲ Eco friendly and sustainable Wedding & Events

Enjoy Responsibly | Drink & Serve Responsibly
Bartenders are knowledgable on the products we serve Smart Serve Certified and will work to facilitate a fun and safe event environment.

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