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Premium Cocktail Catering

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Complete range of Cocktail Catering & Bar Services.

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BEHIND BARS® International Bartenders School®

Behind BARS | International school of bartending

Bartending Mixology Level 1 2 & Advanced 1

A. Level 1 (1 week Course) - B. Level 2 (1 week Course) - C.Advanced Mixology Course (4 weeks Course)

Designed following the standards of the bartending schools of  International Education Guidance

☆ ( All-In-One Course ) ☆

Modernist Bartending Advanced 2

☆ The Art & Science of Modernist bartenders ☆

Bartenders International School of Bartending provides training and specialization courses

Bar & Brand Consulting

Providing consulting services in the area of beverage marketing

Portable Bar Furniture

Bar Rentals

Professional Mobile


Professional Portable Luxury Bar


Recruitment & Staffing Agency

Recruitment & Staffing Agency in Hospitality Industry (Coming Soon)

Agencies & Bartending – HR services by BartendersGR

 ♲ Eco friendly and sustainable Wedding & Events

Enjoy Responsibly | Drink & Serve Responsibly
Bartenders are knowledgable on the products we serve Smart Serve Certified and will work to facilitate a fun and safe event environment.

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Event Testimonials

Weddings - Social - Corporate Events ...Kind Words

Absolutely recommend them!! When trying to create just the right atmosphere for your wedding guests, it is important to make sure that all your guests are given the “VIP treatment” that they deserve. That is exactly how Achilleas Karaoulanis and his team treated all of our guests!! Achilleas was absolutely amazing in making sure we checked each detail and was helpful with recommendations. I appreciate the love and care behind Achilleas and his team in ensuring our event was perfect. They were so professional and we had a blast at our tasting. During the wedding the bartenders were able to serve everyone quickly and professionally. If you are looking for the ultimate services and quality then you have to not search any further. Would highly recommend them!!
Z Empire's Partners in Excellence. Electronics Networking Convention BEST SERVICE EVER ... , we did shows in many countries but bartendersGR ARE BEST... #BAR #SERVICE #LONGTERM # Strongly recommended!