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Hendrick’s Circus 2017 GRAND ERMIS AWARD

GRAND ERMIS AWARD & GOLD AWARD στην κατηγορία Παραγωγή Εκδηλώσεων / Corporate Events για το Hendrick’s Circus.

Project Info

Bartenders served signature cocktails for this special occasion


Who held the party 

Ermis awards winner for participation



Where it was held

Athens - Greece


When was it



The event’s Ringmaster put together a most unusual show for the fine drink’s distinguished guests, at the backdrop of an enchanting set specifically created for Hendrick’s Circus. The show featured quite a few exceptional characters: the Fortune Teller gypsy queen, who knows your favourite Hendrick’s cocktail poison; the Man of Marble, aka very Strongman; the light-as-air aerial dancer Heindi, and Hendra, the extremely bendy woman. For an extra kick, the mix included the conjoined twin sisters, who can share anything but their Hendrick’s cocktail, along with juggler Pepe Peperonious, and the maître of comedy mime Alex de Paris. The performers joined forces with the sole purpose of leaving the patrons mesmerized.


The Detail.

What happened

We served alongside magical unusual alluring mouthwateringly spectacular Hendrick’s Gin cocktails!

fabulous parties odd peculiar characters hendrick’s circus

Photos by #amvyx and

An event we will remember..

we served alongside magical, unusual, alluring, mouthwateringly spectacular Hendrick’s Gin cocktails!

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